Compounding Pharmacy in Katy, TX

Health-Rite Pharmacy offers what is called Compounding services to its customers in the Katy, TX and surrounding areas. Pharmaceutical compounding is a practice that allows certain patients who have difficulty or medical reasons for not being able to ingest traditional medications to have medicines tailored to their specific needs. This generally means that the medicine or medicines that a patient needs are combined or altered to allow them to suit the patient better. Some examples of cases in which you might find you need a compounding pharmacy in Katy, TX might include any of the following scenarios.

Elderly Patients and Younger Children

Many customers of Health-Rite Pharmacy in Katy, TX are elderly or are families with younger families. Individuals who have difficulty swallowing either all pills or pills of a certain size or texture might need to opt tor their medications to be produced in liquid form or in a smaller size capsule. The process of compounding allows trained pharmacists to alter the medicine from its original state to make it more acceptable to the needs of the patient who is struggling with its ingestion. Compounding is not intended to alter any other portion of the medicine, just whatever factor makes it difficult for an individual to get the help they need from medications that are already on the market.

Patients with Allergies or Sensitivities to Dyes or Additives

Some of our customers require a compounding pharmacy in Katy, TX for the purpose of obtaining medication that is free from dyes and/or additives that are more harmful to them than the medication is beneficial. Traditional pharmaceuticals can often be compounded in such a way as to convert them to a medication without a dyed capsule or a liquid with harmful additives. The pharmacist simply removes the medication in liquid form from the problematic capsule and transitioning it into a capsule that is safe for the individual to take normally. This type of service can be a real lifesaver to those who suffer from dye allergies and sensitivities. Contact your compounding pharmacy in Katy, TX and the surrounding area to learn more!

Altered Medication for Medicinal Purposes

In more serious cases, patients in hospitals can sometimes require specialized pharmacists to adjust their medications to combine the effect of two medicines into one dosage. In some situations, doing so allows the patient to safely ingest medication they require without certain issues associated with taking the medicines in individual doses. Compounding pharmacies will doctor the pharmaceuticals in an effort to maximize the effectiveness of the cocktail of medications for their specific patient.

Contact our team at Health-Rite Pharmacy today to hear about the way our compounding pharmacy in Katy, TX could help you with your difficulties taking your medication and improve your experience with life-saving drugs.